Artificial Intelligence

Emotion Science Keeps Getting More Complicated. Can AI Keep Up?

What are emotions? This isn't just an academic exercise. It's central to the question of whether we'll ever build an artificial...
Richard Firth-Godbehere
10 min read

Silicon Valley Thinks Everyone Feels the Same Six Emotions

By relying on outdated science stating that all humans, everywhere, have the same six basic emotions, Silicon Valley could inadvertently create...
Richard Firth-Godbehere
14 min read

Let’s Not (Accidentally) Build Depressed Robots

In trying to build machines that can experience "real" emotions, we might end up creating intelligent beings as mentally fragile as...
Alok Jha
3 min read

The Future of International Scientific Collaboration

Countries cooperating to steer the direction of a world-changing technology is important–but they should include those which have not historically had...
Duncan Geere
2 min read

The Boundaries of Artificial Emotional Intelligence

If our virtual assistants and emotional laborers are all turning out to be soothing, female-voiced AI, will it close certain gaps...
Leigh Alexander
8 min read

AI Is the New TA in the Classroom

Machine intelligence will have an increasingly prominent role in the classrooms of tomorrow.
Rose Luckin & Wayne Holmes
4 min read

Games Are a Playground for Artificial Intelligence

Play is one of the primary ways humans learn new skills and abilities–and the same applies to AI.
Greg Noone
7 min read

Would You Like to Be Uploaded to a Computer When You Die?

Rattling around inside a hard drive doesn't sound like an awful lot of fun–but then, neither does death.
Dan Sung
10 min read

When Does an Artificial Intelligence Become a Person?

On artificial intelligence, animal rights, and the frontiers of legal personhood.
Corin Faife
9 min read

A.I. is Defending the Earth From Asteroids

Imagine some scientists from NASA are meeting with the president of the United States. There’s a piece of space coming toward...
Ian Steadman
6 min read