Corin Faife

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The Battle Over Europe’s Air

Air pollution is the leading environmental cause of premature death in Europe by far-the toll is more than ten times higher than the number...
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Who Gets to Be Perfect?

Editing the human genome has huge potential for improving health–for those who can afford it
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The Web Divided

Will machine translation ever bring us together?
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When Does an Artificial Intelligence Become a Person?

On artificial intelligence, animal rights, and the frontiers of legal personhood.
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Toronto’s Sports Teams Are Hyperreal

Or, why sports entertainment is the most valuable–and most mediated–entertainment of our time.
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Go On a Trip and Cure Your Depression

Psychedelics show clinical promise as a lasting treatment for major mood disorders–now the struggle is getting through regulatory red tape
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The Rebirth of the City-State

Are technological, cultural, and environmental factors combining to disrupt the nation-state in favor of an ancient alternative?
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