Leigh Alexander

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The Boundaries of Artificial Emotional Intelligence

If our virtual assistants and emotional laborers are all turning out to be soothing, female-voiced AI, will it close certain gaps for human women?...
8 min read

To Board a Cruise Ship–and Never Get Off

Meet the retirees who never stop moving.
0 6 min read

It’s Time For a New Kind of Power Fantasy

Games can–and must–offer different definitions of fantasy, including fantasies of safety and peace.
0 6 min read

The Age of the Instagram Eyebrow

We aspire to be a popular avatar–like a Kardashian–more than we aspire to a prior age's more conventional markers of achievement or beauty.
0 5 min read

Never go to space it’s terrible omg

Space does very, very, very bad things to the human body.
0 6 min read

The Unquestioned Pursuit of Weight Loss Had Us Eating Wrong for Years

Our quest for thinness is actually making us far less healthy–even killing us–and not for the reasons you'd think.
0 10 min read

Does Siri Believe in God?

A theological guide to chatbots and the world's major religions.
0 7 min read

I Tried to Green My Apartment by Learning From the Weed-Growing Community

Doesn't every city dweller deserve somewhere to grow their own food, even if it's just a bucket?
0 11 min read