These themed sections collect together the majority of How We Get To Next content from our launch in September 2014 through to May 2019–from Afrofuturism to money, identity to space travel, energy to food.

An astronaut falling through space.

Above & Beyond

Looking at our understanding of the universe beyond Earth

A statue of a black woman with satellite dishes for ears.
Image credit: Quentin VerCetty


A collection of conversations about Afrofuturism, curated and edited by Florence Okoye of Afrofutures UK

A collage of sci-fi worlds.

Arts & Culture

Exploring new forms of human creativity

A speculative design for a smart kettle that displays electricity usage on its side.

Design & Innovation

Exploring how new devices, concepts, and inventions are changing the world around us, one product at a time

A futuristic floating head, alongside music devices and waveforms.

Fast Forward

Tuning in to the many relationships between innovation and music

Domes filled with crops.

The Future of Food

New trends and changes in what we eat, from the farm to the table

Animated city scene with traffic and trains.

Going Places

Uncovering the impact of transportation technology on the modern world

A wood carving of a weather balloon floating among clouds.

Histories of…

Stories of innovation from the past–historical discoveries, hunches, and revolutions

Steven Johnson sits at a makeup mirror.

How We Got To Now

Behind-the-scenes dispatches from the making of the PBS TV adaptation of Steven Johnson’s book How We Got To Now

A woman reading a book.

How We Learn

New innovations and technologies are changing how we acquire knowledge–supported by Pearson

A face on a smartphone screen.


Discussing how new technologies change how we see ourselves, and each other

A man points at an early map of the internet.

The Internet

Stories on the past, present, and future of the information superhighway

A city made of stacks of paper notes and coins.

Made of Money

The future of cash, finance, economics, and trade

A city skyline.


Exploring how cities inspire new ideas–and how new ideas change city life

A woman sweeps snow off solar panels.

Nature & Climate

Reports on how humanity is upsetting the planet’s environmental balance

Augmented legs of athletes running.

Playing the Field

How innovations in sports change the wider world

People playing with VR devices.

The Power of Play

Stories about how fun and leisure have changed the world

Robots in a classroom.

Power Up

Exploring the energy and electricity sources of tomorrow–which is sooner than you think

Games controllers and wires.

Robots vs Animals

Examining human attempts to build machines better than nature’s own

A row of different people wearing clothing of different eras.


Stories about the impact of science and technology on how we present ourselves to each other

Different AI bots from different movies and real life.

Talking with Bots

Questioning whether the technology exists yet for bots to forge meaningful relationships with humans–and, if not, what we should trust them with.

People riding a subway car.

Together in Public

New technologies are changing how we interact with each other in physical and digital spaces

People in different kinds of offices.

The Way We Work

Stories about the future of labor and employment, from automation to collaboration

A human body labelled by organ.

Vital Signs

Exploring the concept of healthiness in an increasingly technological world

How We Get To Next was a magazine that explored the future of science, technology, and culture from 2014 to 2019.