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Meet Your iPhone’s Grandparent

When people say there's more power in your pocket than was used to get to the moon, they're right-but it took a surprisingly short...
8 min read

Humanizing Data: Highlights from EYEO 2018

A dispatch from the 2018 edition of the conference on technology and culture.
2 min read

Measuring Global Health with the DALY

A better statistic would balance both death and disability, weighting factors like duration of illness, severity of disability, distribution across a population and impact...
2 min read

When Charts Go Weird: The Joy of Xenographics

Xenographics can be fun alternatives to the classic bar, line, and pie chart trio–but they can also be more effective for certain kinds of...
2 min read

The Future of International Scientific Collaboration

Countries cooperating to steer the direction of a world-changing technology is important–but they should include those which have not historically had a voice in...
2 min read

Disappearing Languages and Tooltips

Obfuscating a feature is obviously not a great solution, and it's arguably a total betrayal of the principles I laid out above. But it...
2 min read

Solving the Global Address Problem

Four billion people around the globe who don't have a way to refer to their home–but Google's Plus Codes are a reinvention of the...
2 min read

Why We Name The Weather

From Biblical floods to "The Beast From The East."
9 min read

Your Pandemics Questions Answered

Vulnerable individuals should always have a flu vaccination at the appropriate time of the year–outside of the grip of a pandemic, seasonal influenza currently...
5 min read

Airborne: We’re Five Mutations From a Major Pandemic

In 2012, a team of virologists led by Ron Fouchier showed how easily H5N1 avian flu could become one of the most dangerous pathogens...
22 sec read