Artificial Intelligence

Get Ready for AI to Turn Every Child Into an Olympian

A speculative journey to the future of athletic performance and genetic engineering.
Caroline Sinders
5 min read

Babbage and the Dancer

An eight-year-old boy's encounter with a robotic toy doll ends up changing the course of technological history.
Steven Johnson
10 min read

The Bot Power List 2016

Science fiction is full of bots that hurt people. HAL 9000 kills one astronaut and tries to kill another in 2001:...
How We Get To Next
13 min read

If You Talk to Bots, You’re Talking to Their Bosses

The customer service chatbots offered by companies are simply a new way to gather user data.
Brett Scott
5 min read

Chatbots Can Create Characters, but Only Humans Can Tell Stories

While bots can now write fiction, they lack the depth and nuance of human storytellers–for now
Guy Gadney
3 min read

Does Siri Believe in God?

A theological guide to chatbots and the world's major religions.
Leigh Alexander
7 min read

Falling in Love With a Bot Is Inevitable

People form intimate connections with even the simplest of machines–and as bots become more sophisticated, so will our relationships with them.
Jessica Harneyford
4 min read

Who’s to Blame When a Therapy Bot Goes Wrong?

Deploying bots in a medical setting demands a whole new ethical framework.
Natalie Kane
5 min read

Taming the Wild West of Journobots

We need an "algorithmic ombudsman" to safeguard our news.
Vas Panagiotopoulos
5 min read

Why Bots Should Be More Like Plants and Less Like People

Our bot ecosystems might be intelligent, but that doesn't mean we have to be able to talk with them.
Matt Locke
8 min read