Ian Steadman

21 Stories by Ian Steadman

The Forgotten Woman Who Unlocked the Greenhouse Effect

In 1856, American scientist Eunice Foote detailed the mechanics of what we now call the greenhouse effect. Yet we know very little about her....
4 min read

Playing Games with Life

Games, as a medium, are somewhat unique in that playing them can also simultaneously be an invitation to experience a simulation of power.
5 min read

Science Is a Liar Sometimes

I've been struggling to find an example of a branch of science that hasn't been used for evil.
4 min read

The Tacky Cities Of Tomorrow

If imagined cities are an easy shorthand for the world of tomorrow, then the ways we talk about the cities that are being built...
4 min read

Guano, Guano, Gone

The story of guano is a story about what humans will do in the pursuit of keeping things just the way they are, regardless...
4 min read

Action Replays For Human Rights Violations

What would hyperreal sports broadcasting look like, if it acknowledged the political context of these events?
4 min read

Please YouTubers, Don’t Make Us Pay To Interview You

Why should someone whose days are spent talking to a camera for money not talk to a journalist for money as well? Where's the...
2 min read

Barbra Streisand’s Clone Dog Army

The new age of cloned pets potentially opens up a world of new animal welfare problems.
1 min read

The Human Machine Reading List

Recommended reads on how bodies and technologies relate to one another.
0 6 min read

The Human Machine of 2037

A list of radical futures which will feel shockingly mundane.
0 7 min read