Robots Vs Animals

Mapped: The World’s Animal Robot Hotspots

New artificial life forms are being created all over the planet. Here's a quick safari through some of the most important...
Darren Garrett
9 sec read

Hi, Can I Help You?

Domestic robots can be creepy–but what if they were more like pets?
Susan Cox-Smith
4 min read

Superintelligence Now!

Can we humans evolve fast enough to defend ourselves against the threat of AI?
Steven Johnson
10 min read

The Brain in the Machine

Reclusive Creatures creator Steve Grand is now building a farm–with animals made of code.
Simon Parkin
9 min read

AI’s Seismic Shift From Elephants To Ants

How attempts to mimic the behavior of insects transformed artificial intelligence in the 1990s.
Richard Baguley
4 min read

Artificial Intelligence: A Reading List

A crash course in human attempts to build machines better than nature's own.
How We Get To Next
1 min read

Meet OBO, the Robot Taking the Theater World by Storm

Built from shelving, skateboard wheels, and 3D-printed components, it stars in a play about humans interacting with AI.
Duncan Geere
2 min read

Top Moments from the 2015 Robot Football World Cup

Highlights from the contest in Hefei, China
Ian Steadman
2 min read

A History of Humanoid Robots

How we've recreated mankind in metal through time.
Duncan Geere
2 min read

The Rise of Caring Robotics

New developments have made it easier to start thinking of robots as caregivers.
Simon Hazelwood-Smith
2 min read