Richard Baguley

6 Stories by Richard Baguley

That Money is Funny

Five of the world's most unusual forms of currency.
0 7 min read

Why Did Hundreds of Arctic Explorers Disappear Without a Trace?

The Franklin Expedition's untimely demise may have been down to an unlikely suspect–tinned food
7 min read

AI’s Seismic Shift From Elephants To Ants

How attempts to mimic the behavior of insects transformed artificial intelligence in the 1990s.
0 4 min read

The History and Legacy of the Quest to Find the Aether

Nineteenth-century scientists faced a conundrum: How does light work? While they understood that light was a wave–Newton and others had proved that it behaves...
6 min read

A Short History of Drones

The tactician Sun Tzu didn’t have drones when he wrote The Art of War more than 2,000 years ago, but his work foreshadowed the...
6 min read

Gone Gone Gopher

Today we "browse the web," but we almost ended up "digging around in Gopherspace."
4 min read