Darren Garrett

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Future Fragments

While doing the research for "A Visual History of the Future," we collected a huge amount of incredible material.
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The Future We Were Promised

What's missing in these visions of the future? How did these visions inspire future generations building the world of tomorrow?
6 min read

Architects of the Future

While some ideas toyed with the building blocks, others reflected a desire to fundamentally reshape urban life–and to solve some of society's most pressing...
9 min read

Animating the Future

Walt Disney was a pioneer, looking to the future in animation, film and TV–popular entertainment working to sell Disney's vision of the future to...
8 min read

Fact, Fiction, and the Future

These publications were meant to educate–but also to entertain. Their illustrations were drawn by artists who were also some of the 20th century's most...
9 min read

How Ad Men Invented the Future

While the war continued, brands were keen to stay in the public consciousness, giving Americans hope for the future; they promised a peacetime world...
7 min read

A Visual History of the Future

Decades ago, artists' imaginings formed high expectations about the world to come. Were these just fantasies–or was it the work of pioneers whose visions...
1 min read

The Beginning of the Future

But by the 19th century, global imperialism had shrunk those "uncharted" spaces. At the same time, rapid advances in science and technology laid the...
7 min read

The Improbable, Bold History of Space Concept Art

The collaboration between NASA and artists stretches right back to the start of the space program.
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Mapped: The World’s Animal Robot Hotspots

New artificial life forms are being created all over the planet. Here's a quick safari through some of the most important centers for animal...
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