Robots vs Animals

Mapped: The World’s Animal Robot Hotspots

New artificial life forms are being created all over the planet. Here's a quick safari through some of the most important centers for animal robotics research.

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A map of the world entitled "AInimal Planet."
Caption 1 (United States): The iconic BigDog isn't the only design born from Boston Dynamics' Massachusetts lab. They've also assembled robotic cats, lizards, and even fleas.
Caption 2 (Germany): No lab has a larger managerie of animal bots than Germany's Festo. Its creations include birds, kangaroos, jellyfish, ants, fish, manta rays, and even penguins.
Caption 3 (Swtizerland): The robotics lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is especially good at turning out turtles. Their 'Naro' bot mimimcs a sea turtle, while Beach-Bot resembles a tortoise.
Caption 4 (South Korea): Tae Hun Kang's lab at DGIST in South Korea specializes in mechanical dogs and insects. Its stars are the canine pQ-1, pQ-2, and pQ-3 robots.
Caption 5 (Japan): Snakes are the speciality of HiBot's laboratory in Tokyo. Their serpentine robots can slither through pipes, and perform well in underwater environments.
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