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If an enterprising bookmaker decided to offer odds on which apocalyptic event is most likely to wipe out the human race, a pandemic would...
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Anyone entering the virological laboratory, one of the most highly regarded in Europe, was subject to a security check. Workers were required to wear...
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Birds on the March

The cull had squashed H5N1's short-term chances. But the government's throttling of information ensured that the disease had long-term prospects. In the rush to...
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Almost a century later, three things are certain: that the first confirmed case of Spanish flu occurred, that it originated not in Spain but...
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Humanity and the world we inhabit may be facing a bevy of looming disasters, but for Fukuda the question of whether bird flu ranks...
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The Ideal Workweek, According to Science

Not so, according to a towering body of evidence in support of workdays that are shorter and more thoughtfully designed in accordance with what...
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A Pilgrim’s Progress Bar

For Muslims currently living in the U.S., the idea of undertaking a pilgrimage to Mecca has become a freshly perilous one. In recent years,...
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Your Classroom Is Making You Fail

Almost everyt traditional classroom design makes it harder to learn–yet the fixes are often simple.
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Was Gamification a Terrible Lie?

Turning work into play was sold as a miracle for increasing productivity–but was that ever really plausible?
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The Gut and the Spreadsheet: How Fashion Forecasting Really Works

The science of fashion has become big business.
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