A podcast about the past and future of play and innovation.
Steven Johnson
3 min read

What Happens When There’s Only 88 Psychiatrists in an Entire Country?

In developing nations like Kenya, where mental health care is practically nonexistent, internet-based organizations save lives.
Greg Noone
6 min read

The Problem With Smart Cities

It's no use turning cities into data mines without putting human needs at the forefront.
Cat Matson
4 min read

Maximum Wage

Is technological progress dependent on extreme inequality?
Steven Johnson
9 min read

Refugee Innovation

Technology that's changing the lives of people fleeing persecution.
Duncan Geere
1 min read

Rocket Mail

How missiles almost revolutionized the world's postal services.
Duncan Geere
10 min read

These Indonesian Women Are Part of the Design Team for Their Own Development Tech

Rather than pushing ideas that look good to Western outsiders, this NGO encourages grassroots innovation.
Lindsey Kennedy
2 min read

Gone Gone Gopher

Today we "browse the web," but we almost ended up "digging around in Gopherspace."
Richard Baguley
4 min read

Making Music Hackable Again

A musical instrument designed to be hacked and modified into something new and unexpected.
Alice Bell
2 min read

The Ghost Inside Your FM Radio

The story of Edward Howard Armstrong, the inventor of FM
Duncan Geere
5 min read