Alice Bell

35 Stories by Alice Bell

How One Village Threw Out the Frackers and Went Solar

For the small village of Balcombe, community and collaboration trumped fossil fuel money.
0 8 min read

3D Printing a Mini Vertical Farm in Kenya’s Nandi Hills

Turning drainpipes into agriculture.
0 1 min read

Making Music Hackable Again

A musical instrument designed to be hacked and modified into something new and unexpected.
0 2 min read

This Little Recording Studio in the Desert Connects People Across Continents

An international festival for the world's longest-standing refugee camp.
0 3 min read

How This Multi-Colored Building Saved London From “The Great Stink”

Happy 150th birthday, Crossness pumping station!
0 4 min read

5 Innovations in Sewage Management

This is the real fresh sh!t
0 2 min read

A Brief History of Branding

Beer, soap, and oats.
3 min read

The Forgotten Women Who Built One of London’s Most Iconic Bridges

A short film explores their untold stories.
0 3 min read

Would You Buy a Fair Trade Phone?

Producing a fairer phone shows that there are alternatives to our current exploitative supply chains.
3 min read

Ten Stories of Science and Tech Hollywood Should Tell Next

With the stories of Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking both up for Oscars, here's 10 more historical characters from the fields of science and...
4 min read