Action Replays For Human Rights Violations

What would hyperreal sports broadcasting look like, if it acknowledged the political context of these events?
Ian Steadman
4 min read

Sphere of Life

An investigation into one of humanity's oldest and most ubiquitous inventions: the ball.
Steven Johnson
8 min read

Get Ready for AI to Turn Every Child Into an Olympian

A speculative journey to the future of athletic performance and genetic engineering.
Caroline Sinders
5 min read

Flotation Tanks: The Weight Room for Your Mind

But for the man who invented the flotation tank, it was supposed to be something else altogether: a way to open...
Danny McAteer
8 min read

For Refugees, Soccer Helps Pass an Eternity in Limbo

For refugees without anchors in their new societies, or who are fleeing broken families and societies, the soccer field offers a...
Sabrina Toppa
10 min read

At Play on the Field of Ghosts

In the stands, legions of robot fans look on. Articulated limbs raise LED placards in unison at appropriate moments, their faceplates...
James Bridle
11 min read

How to Save the Olympics

In the end, what could save big sporting events is not a focus on sustainability, or even technology, but a change...
Simon Copland
5 min read

Is the SoulCycle Instructor Preaching for Your Spirit, or Your Wallet?

On group fitness, and the exchange of capital for quasi-spirituality.
Hannah Harris Green
6 min read

Toronto’s Sports Teams Are Hyperreal

Or, why sports entertainment is the most valuable–and most mediated–entertainment of our time.
Corin Faife
6 min read

Women Are Being Left Behind by the Sports Data Revolution

There are sports stories we wish we could tell–but the data just isn't there even at the highest level.
Nikita Taparia
6 min read