Hannah Harris Green

10 Stories by Hannah Harris Green

The Aesthetics of Feeling Safe

Rape is added to the lengthy list of the things a woman should keep in mind before going out, in addition to skin oil...
4 min read

The Indian Scientists Who Could Change the Global Contraception Conversation

Researchers are trying to develop technologies that would work for more Indians, but they are grappling with a domestic and international climate that is...
9 min read

How Researchers in India are Helping Couples Talk About Family Planning

In India, the idea that open communication and male involvement are keys to improving family health is slowly gaining ground.
9 min read

The Legacy of India’s Quest to Sterilize Millions of Men

The mass sterilization drive of 1976 was one of the most infamous incidents of the 21-month period known as the "Emergency." That year 6.2...
10 min read

Breaking the Cycle

The future of reproductive health in India, from early ideas about population control to on-the-ground interventions happening now, to a world where men and...
44 sec read

Moving Beyond the “Radio Voice”

Humans can learn to understand a huge variety of accents and dialects. So why do we usually hear the same sorts of voices?
2 min read

The Future of Birth Control Means Facing Up to Its Sexist Past

The "male pill" is within reach. Why does the burden of contraception still fall on women?
12 min read

How the Art of Signaling Is Changing

Who needs eyes when you have an app?
0 9 min read

Translating Identity Across the Language Barrier

Genderqueer vocabulary in English can be tricky enough–but talking across languages brings both freedoms and restrictions.
0 10 min read

Is the SoulCycle Instructor Preaching for Your Spirit, or Your Wallet?

On group fitness, and the exchange of capital for quasi-spirituality.
0 6 min read