How We’ll Choose the First Mars Colonists

The first Martians will face an intimidating task in establishing humankind's first outpost on another planet
Stephanie M. McPherson
4 min read

Red Planet: How We’ll Govern Mars

Technical and engineering obstacles are solvable when it comes to interplanetary colonization–the real challenge is governance.
Tom O'Bedlam
4 min read

Rising Nationalism Will Change The Politics Of Space

With the rise of nationalism around the world, is international cooperation in space doomed?
James O'Malley
5 min read

Amateur Rocketeers Are Keeping the Space Age Spirit Alive

Around the world, a community of amateurs is designing, building, and launching their own rockets into space.
Ian Steadman
12 min read

Never go to space it’s terrible omg

Space does very, very, very bad things to the human body.
Leigh Alexander
6 min read

What We’ll Teach at the First School on Mars

What will the teachers and classrooms of space look like? What skills will they focus on?
Nathan Martin
6 min read

Asteroid Mining Will Come Too Late to Save Our Planet

We could easily expand to other worlds using asteroids for resources–if we don't kill ourselves first.
Claire Asher
5 min read

Demand Your Share of the Spoils From the Privatization of Space

The commercialization of space raises some uncomfortable questions about exactly where profits are going.
Lauren Razavi
4 min read

Robots Will Build Your House on the Moon

When it comes to building property on other worlds, robots are by far the best choice.
Gabriel Abraham Garrett
5 min read

The World’s First “‘Marschitect’ Is Laying the Groundwork for Architecture in Space

With private companies setting their sights on other worlds, space architecture is a growing industry.
Vas Panagiotopoulos
3 min read