Stephanie M. McPherson

Stephanie McPherson writes and produces video about science and technology for universities and research institutions around the US. She earned her Master's degree in Science Writing from MIT in 2011 and has since written about everything from diabetes to 3D printers in space. She also writes mystery fiction. Her short stories can be found in The Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot and Landfall: Best New England Crime Stories. Find more at

6 Stories by Stephanie M. McPherson

How We’ll Choose the First Mars Colonists

The first Martians will face an intimidating task in establishing humankind's first outpost on another planet
0 4 min read

Stop, Drop, and Scroll

How Big Data and smart sensors are changing firefighting
0 3 min read

Could 3D-Printing Food in Space Make Mars Travel Possible?

If and when humans land on Mars, 3D-printing technology could help us create a home.
0 4 min read

Taking the Internet of Things to the Farm

Cheap connected sensors make it easier than ever for farms to go smart.
0 1 min read

Wind Turbines in the Sky Will Power Remote Regions

Turbines mounted on inflatable balloons bring renewable electricty anywhere with wind.
1 min read

Arsenic-Eating Plants Could Clean Up the World’s Rice Fields

The crop even has potential to be used after harvest as a biofuel.
0 2 min read