In Praise of SETI@home

The screen saver helped scientists search for extraterrestrial life-and made the early web feel like a more idealistic, collaborative space.
Caroline Crampton
3 min read

We Are All Astronauts

In posing Earth as spaceship rather than living matter, Buckminster Fuller misses the spontaneity of dynamism and creation itself. Decay is...
Lou Cornum
4 min read

The Far Side of Utopia

Instead of thinking of space exploration as isolated national efforts, we can view the smaller programs of countries like Lebanon and...
Lou Cornum
4 min read

NASA Turns to Games For A New Generation of Space Art

NASA spent the 20th century asking illustrators to imagine the future of space exploration. To inspire a new generation of engineers,...
Paul Dean
3 min read

We Are a Space People

If science fiction's aim is to estrange, does a Navajo rendering of the Star Wars universe make strange the strange? Can...
Lou Cornum
4 min read

When Space Films Are Just a Vehicle for Patriotism

Outer space has been a backdrop for Western man to define himself since Galileo, who claimed the Earth was of the...
Lou Cornum
4 min read

Beats: Space

Space is where we project our dreams–and our nightmares–of the future.
How We Get To Next
45 sec read

Who Gets to Go to Space?

Proposed travel to outer space these days is a backward-looking endeavor. The angel of history has become an astronaut.
Lou Cornum
4 min read

A.I. is Defending the Earth From Asteroids

Imagine some scientists from NASA are meeting with the president of the United States. There’s a piece of space coming toward...
Ian Steadman
6 min read

The Improbable, Bold History of Space Concept Art

The collaboration between NASA and artists stretches right back to the start of the space program.
Darren Garrett
9 min read