Power Up

In Defense of”¦ Fracking?

It's low-carbon, halts new drilling, and aids Western interests in the Middle East. Does shale deserve a second chance?
Julian Sayerer
8 min read

Why Nuclear Energy Isn’t Getting Safer

New reactors became less common after disasters like Chernobyl–with the side effect of also slowing research into new reactor designs.
Duncan Geere
11 min read

Solar-Powered Farming, Built in Kenya

Small-scale farmers in Kenya can turn to local innovators for help with climate change.
Justus Bahati Wanzala
4 min read

Energy and Power: A Reading List

A crash course in the future of electricity and energy.
How We Get To Next
3 min read

The History and Legacy of the Quest to Find the Aether

Nineteenth-century scientists faced a conundrum: How does light work? While they understood that light was a wave–Newton and others had proved...
Richard Baguley
6 min read

The Stove That Could Turn Rwanda Carbon Negative

Millions of people die every year, killed by their stoves–but that could be about to change.
Katherine Sullivan
2 min read

Victorian Waterwheels Are Being Revived to Generate Hydro Power in Rural Britain

Century-old renewable power is being rediscovered and put to new use.
Laura Cress
2 min read
An oil platform sits on a ship, awaiting its voyage out to sea. Activists fly a "Save the Arctic" banner overhead.

Arctic Communities Fight Back Against Oil Drilling

For those in northern coastal regions, global warming isn't an abstract change–it's an immediate threat to survival.
Kamil Ahsan
5 min read

How Gothenburg’s Excess Heat Actually Keeps the City Cool

The city's district cooling system turns wasted energy into summer coolness.
Duncan Geere
1 min read