Power Up

A Coal Miner’s Daughter & the End of Fossil Fuels

In a world built by one kind of energy, it's high time that we were bound for another.
Abigail Hartstone
11 min read

I Tried, and Failed, to Find Out Where My Electricity Comes From

Searching for how I, along with 8.4 million other New Yorkers, receive electricity every month.
Mimi Onuoha
5 min read

The Buses of Tomorrow Will Run on Sewage

Food waste, sewage, and manure are all potent sources of renewable energy.
Daisy Malt
3 min read

Sugar Batteries and Fake Leaves Will Light Up Your World

We could combine technology and biology to produce clean, renewable energy–and lots of it.
Claire Asher
5 min read

Watch: How to Power a Refugee Camp

New ways of bringing energy access to everyone who needs it, wherever they are.
Jessica Bishopp
2 min read

Fueling Your Car With Hydrogen Isn’t Green–It’s Gray

Manufacturers are investing in it, but the benefits compared to other forms of car power are mixed.
Rowena Fletcher-Wood
5 min read

Fusion: “We’re So Close We Can Taste It”

Atomic Energy Authority head Steve Cowley talks tokamaks, tritium, and the tantalizing prospect of enough power for a billion years.
Ian Steadman
15 min read

How One Village Threw Out the Frackers and Went Solar

For the small village of Balcombe, community and collaboration trumped fossil fuel money.
Alice Bell
8 min read

Batteries Not Excluded

The supercomputer in your pocket and your next car rely on them–so what will we do if we run out of...
Simon Parkin
10 min read

6 Perpetual Motion Devices That Didn’t Work

Always fake, but not always hoaxes.
Ian Steadman
6 min read