Why You Should Be Eating Jellyfish to Save the Oceans

Human disruption of the oceans is killing fish and leaving jellyfish to rule supreme. Could we make amends by adding them...
Martin Etchegaray
13 min read

The Opening of the Northwest Passage

As communities in the far north cope with the coming changes, one thing is for certain: The environment that they have...
Greg Noone
10 min read

Your Classroom Is Making You Fail

Almost everyt traditional classroom design makes it harder to learn–yet the fixes are often simple.
Simon Parkin
7 min read

In GIFS: How a Mars Colony Would Work

To suggest that space is a harsh environment is an understatement. It’s a place of extreme and unusual temperatures, unpleasant atmospheric...
Joe Iles
2 min read

Fixing Global Health Means Fixing Air Pollution

The biggest killer in the world today is air pollution–yet we have all the technology we need to fix it.
Duncan Geere
4 min read

Climate Change Will Bring Forest Fires into Europe’s Biggest Cities

Major European cities like Madrid could soon be facing a new existential threat.
Emily von Hoffmann
5 min read

On Certainty and the Illusion of Control

Why popular solutions often fail to address big problems–like climate change–and what this says about us all
Joshua Carroll
6 min read

A Coal Miner’s Daughter & the End of Fossil Fuels

In a world built by one kind of energy, it's high time that we were bound for another.
Abigail Hartstone
11 min read

Fusion: “We’re So Close We Can Taste It”

Atomic Energy Authority head Steve Cowley talks tokamaks, tritium, and the tantalizing prospect of enough power for a billion years.
Ian Steadman
15 min read

How One Village Threw Out the Frackers and Went Solar

For the small village of Balcombe, community and collaboration trumped fossil fuel money.
Alice Bell
8 min read