Solar Trains Could Help Us Rethink Energy

Harnessing the sun could be the perfect way to convert existing train networks to clean power.
Ian Steadman
7 min read

I Tried, and Failed, to Find Out Where My Electricity Comes From

Searching for how I, along with 8.4 million other New Yorkers, receive electricity every month.
Mimi Onuoha
5 min read

Watch: How to Power a Refugee Camp

New ways of bringing energy access to everyone who needs it, wherever they are.
Jessica Bishopp
2 min read

How One Village Threw Out the Frackers and Went Solar

For the small village of Balcombe, community and collaboration trumped fossil fuel money.
Alice Bell
8 min read

In Defense of”¦ Fracking?

It's low-carbon, halts new drilling, and aids Western interests in the Middle East. Does shale deserve a second chance?
Julian Sayerer
8 min read

Why Nuclear Energy Isn’t Getting Safer

New reactors became less common after disasters like Chernobyl–with the side effect of also slowing research into new reactor designs.
Duncan Geere
11 min read

Energy and Power: A Reading List

A crash course in the future of electricity and energy.
How We Get To Next
3 min read

How Gothenburg’s Excess Heat Actually Keeps the City Cool

The city's district cooling system turns wasted energy into summer coolness.
Duncan Geere
1 min read

Energy Efficiency Enthusiasts Make it Rain Indoors

Figuring out how buildings lose heat and energy.
Alice Bell
2 min read

A Brief History of Wind Turbines

Three blades may be common, but there are many ways to design turbines.
Jakob Whitfield
3 min read