Choreographing the Physicality of My Bodies

When disabled people dance, our use of technology and of the body changes what nondisabled people know. This new information is...
Alice Sheppard
4 min read

Disability Futures

We can't think about the future-of health, of technology, of community-without centering disability; it cuts across every other kind of experience....
Kenny Fries
1 min read

How We Think About the Future of Disability

We ignore disabled writers at our peril. Disability is–physically, emotionally, and technologically–in the process of redefining our lives.
Kenny Fries
3 min read

The Future of the Veggie Burger

A future food system that doesn't mimic meat's mistakes could still be possible–but it might require going back to basics. Light...
Alicia Kennedy
4 min read

Playing Games with Life

Games, as a medium, are somewhat unique in that playing them can also simultaneously be an invitation to experience a simulation...
Ian Steadman
5 min read

The Aesthetics of Feeling Safe

Rape is added to the lengthy list of the things a woman should keep in mind before going out, in addition...
Hannah Harris Green
4 min read

Black Mirror, Light Mirror: Teaching Technology Ethics Through Speculation

Where can technology take us that will benefit society and make things better? How can we get to those futures?
Casey Fiesler
7 min read


Telling stories that matter now, to change what happens next.
How We Get To Next
1 min read

Silicon Valley Thinks Everyone Feels the Same Six Emotions

By relying on outdated science stating that all humans, everywhere, have the same six basic emotions, Silicon Valley could inadvertently create...
Richard Firth-Godbehere
14 min read

The Future of International Scientific Collaboration

Countries cooperating to steer the direction of a world-changing technology is important–but they should include those which have not historically had...
Duncan Geere
2 min read