Kenny Fries

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Disability Futures

We can't think about the future-of health, of technology, of community-without centering disability; it cuts across every other kind of experience. Disability is central...
1 min read

How We Think About the Future of Disability

We ignore disabled writers at our peril. Disability is–physically, emotionally, and technologically–in the process of redefining our lives.
3 min read

Inaccessible Airways

But what do these airline protocols, which are supposed to serve passengers with disabilities, say about how those of us with disabilities are seen...
4 min read

Crossing the Border While Disabled

Many immigration regulations are based on an outdated understanding of disability, which fails to recognize the contribution that people with disabilities can, and do,...
5 min read

Inclusive Art Makes Space For All Bodies

Claire Cunningham–a Glasgow-based dancer, performer, and choreographer–is enacting her goal of inclusive performance in Guide Gods.
4 min read

How Everyday Language Harms People with Disabilities

Inaccurate words not only sow misunderstanding but also dehumanize, which is probably why they are used-consciously or not-in the first place.
4 min read

The Stories We Tell About Disability

It took an American presidential candidate publicly mocking a reporter with a disability for the topic of disability to enter the media glare.
4 min read