Black Dandyism Is Back

It's both oppositional fashion and therapy at the same time.
Shantrelle P. Lewis
5 min read

Mass Fainting and Clothing Chemicals

The current state of regulation, as 1,000 new chemicals enter the U.S. market every year.
Rebecca Moss
12 min read

When Indigenous Fashion Hits the Runway, Details Matter

The traditional dress of Bolivia's indigenous Aymara has gone from an object of scorn and stigma, to one of fashion phenomenon.
Jean Friedman-Rudovsky
9 min read

The Age of the Instagram Eyebrow

We aspire to be a popular avatar–like a Kardashian–more than we aspire to a prior age's more conventional markers of achievement...
Leigh Alexander
5 min read

The Gut and the Spreadsheet: How Fashion Forecasting Really Works

The science of fashion has become big business.
Simon Parkin
8 min read

Recovering the Fabrics Lost to History

Golden thread, blue dye, stolen muslin.
Ian Steadman
5 min read

How to Dress for Ultimate Privacy

In the age of surveillance, achieving invisibility through fashion isn't a futuristic idea–it's already possible.
Emily Reynolds
5 min read

The Never-ending Acceleration of Fast Fashion Since 1850

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, new materials have made fashion cycles move faster and faster.
Sarah Williams
10 min read

Why the White Lab Coat Changed Medical History

The white coat's role in medical history reflects the emergence of medicine as a serious scientific field.
Duncan Geere
4 min read

Comic: The Fantastic Fabrics of Our Future

Cotton's time in the sun has come to an end–we need new fabrics for the world of tomorrow.
Daniel Locke
59 sec read