The Boundaries of Artificial Emotional Intelligence

If our virtual assistants and emotional laborers are all turning out to be soothing, female-voiced AI, will it close certain gaps...
Leigh Alexander
8 min read

Let Robots Handle Your Emotional Burnout at Work

But as robotics and computing evolve, some researchers foresee a future where technology can relieve the long-held emotional burden of some...
Meeri Kim
8 min read

Babbage and the Dancer

An eight-year-old boy's encounter with a robotic toy doll ends up changing the course of technological history.
Steven Johnson
10 min read

Mapped: The World’s Animal Robot Hotspots

New artificial life forms are being created all over the planet. Here's a quick safari through some of the most important...
Darren Garrett
9 sec read

AI’s Seismic Shift From Elephants To Ants

How attempts to mimic the behavior of insects transformed artificial intelligence in the 1990s.
Richard Baguley
4 min read

A History of Humanoid Robots

How we've recreated mankind in metal through time.
Duncan Geere
2 min read

The Rise of Caring Robotics

New developments have made it easier to start thinking of robots as caregivers.
Simon Hazelwood-Smith
2 min read

Snowbot Wars–Can Robots Dig Us Out?

The yearly Autonomous Snowplow Competition challenges engineers to build giant snow-clearing Roombas.
Duncan Geere
2 min read
A man wears a prosthetic robotic glove, and with that he holds an electric drill.

Better Than Biology–Underwater Hands and More

For the first time, divers will be able to pick up delicate undersea creatures or retrieve fragile objects from sunken wrecks.
David Hambling
3 min read