Duncan Geere

73 Stories by Duncan Geere

Going Up

Meet Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, father of the space elevator.
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The World’s Grandest Canals

Getting from A to B by water.
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$100 Million Probably Isn’t Enough To Find Aliens, But Here’s Why It’s Still Worth Looking

Sometimes the most important scientific discoveries aren't the ones that were intended.
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Create a Planetarium in Your Living Room

A virtual reality app brings stargazing to any place, any time.
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The First Weather Forecast for Pluto

Helping space probes by seeing whether they'll need a coat once they've traveled billions of miles.
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Time’s Up for the Millennium Development Goals

What progress have we made?
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5 Simulations For Showing How the World Works

These computer simulations let you experiment with the hidden factors that shape everything around us.
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Getting Refugees Off the Ground–Literally

In refugee camps around the world, no matter the location or weather, there is always one constant–mud.
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This Massive Fog Chamber Is a Matter of National Security

As well as testing security cameras and military sensors, it could improve medical imaging technology.
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Consumer Wearables Measure Air Quality in the Most Polluted Cities

Crowdsourcing air quality readings could make life better for millions around the world.
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