Duncan Geere

73 Stories by Duncan Geere

What Will the First Immortals Eat?

The first humans who will live forever might already alive–but what will they have for lunch?
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Bacon, Eggs, and Other Food Scares We Got Wrong

History is littered with false food scares based on weak or conflicting evidence.
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Saving Africa’s Animals With Minecraft

"We are the Rangers" campaign uses gaming to teach kids about conservation.
0 1 min read

Watch: Colonizing the Solar System

Earth is doomed! Once we've run out of room and resources on our planet, where should we go?
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This 3D-Printed Bikini Cleans the Water as You Swim

The SpongeSuit combines tech, fashion, and environmental stewardship.
0 1 min read

The Solar System’s Hottest Real Estate

Where can we live other than Earth?
0 3 min read

Refugee Innovation

Technology that's changing the lives of people fleeing persecution.
1 min read

How To: Learn A New Skill Fast

Talents you can master in just an hour.
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Rocket Mail

How missiles almost revolutionized the world's postal services.
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Meet OBO, the Robot Taking the Theater World by Storm

Built from shelving, skateboard wheels, and 3D-printed components, it stars in a play about humans interacting with AI.
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