Duncan Geere

73 Stories by Duncan Geere

A History of Humanoid Robots

How we've recreated mankind in metal through time.
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Bumblebee Highways and Jaguar Corridors

Around the world, urbanization is destroying many of the green areas that wildlife depend on for survival. Even where parkland is deliberately preserved in...
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Sometimes, Hacking the Climate Is a Good Idea

Here are some of the ways it could, potentially, work.
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Hacking the Climate Won’t Work

It's a recipe for disaster.
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Tiny Victorian Biospheres Could Re-green the World’s Most Polluted Cities

Reviving the Victorian craze for tiny greenhouses could help fight air pollution.
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The Technology That’s Supercharging Disaster Relief

From drones to robots, technology is offering new ways to quickly respond to earthquakes.
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How Spaceships Die

Every probe we send out into space will eventually finish its mission–so what happens next?
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The Ghost Inside Your FM Radio

The story of Edward Howard Armstrong, the inventor of FM
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Zoom, Enhance

How decades and centuries of telescope improvements have revealed more of the heavens.
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Celebrating 25 Years of the Hubble Space Telescope

Happy birthday to an astronomical wonder.
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