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Meet Jon Postel, the Man Who Invented dot com

"If the Net does have a god, he is probably Jon Postel."
3 min read

A Submarine With Gills

Artificial gills mean this submersible might let humans breathe underwater anywhere that fish can.
0 4 min read

The Future of Theme Parks

Are they about to get personal?
2 min read

Snowbot Wars–Can Robots Dig Us Out?

The yearly Autonomous Snowplow Competition challenges engineers to build giant snow-clearing Roombas.
0 2 min read

What Cities Can Do With a Lot of Snow

Dragons, castles, and dumping at sea.
0 2 min read

How Gothenburg’s Excess Heat Actually Keeps the City Cool

The city's district cooling system turns wasted energy into summer coolness.
1 min read

Gothenburg’s Heating Grid Transforms Garbage into Warmth

District heating systems can efficiently turn waste into useful warmth during cold weather.
0 2 min read

Augmenting Reality

Augmented reality, where virtual objects are projected on top of the real world, took center stage at E3 2014 with Microsoft’s astonishing demo of...
1 min read

Art Remade for Minecraft

Mixing videogames and art.
0 2 min read

A Softer Take on Home Security

But will making surveillance less obtrusive also make it more palatable to consumers?
2 min read