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Pandemics: A Reading List

"The epidemic is seldom mentioned, and most Americans have apparently forgotten it. This is not surprising. The human mind always tries to expunge the...
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Fowl Plague

Pandemics have threatened humanity in the past–and avian influenza may well be the next one due.
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Introducing: Fowl Plague

Some of the deadliest forms of these viruses are just a handful of genetic mutations away from turning into what could be the largest,...
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Cable Cars Are Changing the World

Once seen as only good for industry or tourists, the cable car is now emerging as a crucial form of public transit.
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Busting the Neuromyths About How We Learn

This idea of different "learning styles" is widely believed–but there's no evidence that it's true.
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Why the White Lab Coat Changed Medical History

The white coat's role in medical history reflects the emergence of medicine as a serious scientific field.
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Why Everyone Is Suddenly Into E-Sports (and How You Can Be, Too)

Streaming video has allowed the scene to get so huge that mainstream acceptance is no longer a consideration, let alone a priority, for most...
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Fixing Global Health Means Fixing Air Pollution

The biggest killer in the world today is air pollution–yet we have all the technology we need to fix it.
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The (Nearly) Unstoppable Success Story of Global Life Expectancy

But dig into the numbers and the picture becomes more complicated–and potentially troubling.
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Without an Address, You’re No One

Utilities, deliveries, welfare, and more all depend on having an address–so what can you do if your home doesn't have one?
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