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Putting solar panels on school roofs has widers benefits for their communities and kids.
0 2 min read

Grenoble to Get Rid of Billboards, Will Plant Trees Instead

Liberating public space and cleaning the environment
0 1 min read

Mapping the Unmapped for Ebola

Making maps is crucial to halting the spread of the deadly disease.
2 min read

Identifying Birdsong With An App

A not-so-silent spring?
0 3 min read

Happy 100th, Hedy Lamarr!

The Hollywood actress was also one of the key inventors of the technology that became wifi
2 min read

DIY Solar Panels Make More Than Energy

Community workshops put renewable energy in the hands of everyone.
0 4 min read

Connecting Engineers with Local Community Groups

How UCL's Engineering Exchange helps experts and activists work together for a better world.
0 2 min read

How 3D-Mapping with Drones Is Changing the Shape of Peruvian Favelas

A new way to use drones for social good.
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The Global Network of DIY Tear Gas Masks

Activists across the world are using social media to share homebrew instructions for staying safe at protests.
0 4 min read

Transforming London into a Giant Park

By connecting the idea of a national park and a city, might we productively transform how we see both?
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