Alice Bell

35 Stories by Alice Bell

Slimed! A Brief History of Gunge

Icky green slime is far older than Nickelodeon.
3 min read

A Brief History of Fanfiction

Fans have always made pop culture their own–but key to modern fanfic is its sense of community.
3 min read

Turning Discarded Chewing Gum Into Art

For this artist, discarded gum isn't litter–it's an opportunity for expression.
1 min read

Five Innovation Podcasts Worth Putting Into Your Ears

Want to know how innovations are changing the world?
1 min read

Piano Strings Tickled with Electromagnets, Not Hammers

Creating a new tool for composers and performers.
2 min read

The Drummer Helping Us to Understand Human/Robot Interactions

Mortimer isn't just a music machine–he's also a scientific instrument.
0 2 min read

Welcome to Onionland

An interview with journalist Jamie Bartlett about innovation on the Dark Net.
6 min read

Making Music From Bridges, Carrots, Guns, a Pig, and More

Most things can be an instrument, as long as you're dedicated enough
0 2 min read

Energy Efficiency Enthusiasts Make it Rain Indoors

Figuring out how buildings lose heat and energy.
0 2 min read

A Hack Day at the Zoo

London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world–and now it's hosting hackathons.
2 min read