The Future Of Food

3D Printing a Mini Vertical Farm in Kenya’s Nandi Hills

Turning drainpipes into agriculture.
Alice Bell
1 min read

Food Sharing Apps Could Reduce Billions of Pounds of Waste

Connecting supermarkets with charities.
Simon Copland
2 min read

How We Got To: The Smart Fridge

From Francis Bacon to the Large Hadron Collider.
Darren Garrett
43 sec read

I Let IBM’s Robot Chef Tell Me What to Cook for a Week

Does a Jeopardy-winning learning AI pass mustard in the kitchen?
Matt O'Leary
9 min read

Could 3D-Printing Food in Space Make Mars Travel Possible?

If and when humans land on Mars, 3D-printing technology could help us create a home.
Stephanie M. McPherson
4 min read

From “Agro-intelligent” Uruguay to Grocery Stores Around the World

Food monitoring and tracking systems make it easier than ever to ensure quality produce.
Patricia Rey Mallén
2 min read

Reusing Your Company’s Waste

A better way to recycle uneaten food.
Alexander Sehmer
2 min read

Taking the Internet of Things to the Farm

Cheap connected sensors make it easier than ever for farms to go smart.
Stephanie M. McPherson
1 min read

The Big Cooking Geek Trend of 1911: Paper Bags

One chef's doomed quest to revolutionize home cooking.
Helen Zaltzman
3 min read

Arsenic-Eating Plants Could Clean Up the World’s Rice Fields

The crop even has potential to be used after harvest as a biofuel.
Stephanie M. McPherson
2 min read