Alexander Sehmer

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How Ants Will Lead Us to New Antibiotics

You ant seen nothing yet
0 2 min read

The Hidden Room for Spies in the Natural History Museum

During WWII, British spies had a secret room in the museum for showing off new gadgets.
2 min read

A Brief History of Prosthetics

How to create a superhuman.
4 min read

Is the Future of 3D Printing Recycled Plastic Bottles?

You can't make something from nothing.
2 min read

How a Carpet Can Help to Clean a Coastline

A program to encourage recycling of old fishing nets.
0 2 min read

Reusing Your Company’s Waste

A better way to recycle uneaten food.
2 min read

All About the Skateboard in Addis Ababa

Innovative ways to get boards into the hands of Ethiopa's skate community.
0 2 min read

Grass is Fixing The Pollution From Your Cup of Coffee

Runoff from the coffee industry in Ethiopia is being cleaned by a special kind of grass.
0 2 min read