Crossing the Border While Disabled

Many immigration regulations are based on an outdated understanding of disability, which fails to recognize the contribution that people with disabilities...
Kenny Fries
5 min read

Refugees Are Asked to “Integrate”–But Do Those Asking Know What That Means?

Refugees are asked to leave behind old cultural and social behaviors. At the same time, longtime residents of these countries may...
Anjali Ramachandran
9 min read

For Refugees, Soccer Helps Pass an Eternity in Limbo

For refugees without anchors in their new societies, or who are fleeing broken families and societies, the soccer field offers a...
Sabrina Toppa
10 min read

Watch: How to Power a Refugee Camp

New ways of bringing energy access to everyone who needs it, wherever they are.
Jessica Bishopp
2 min read

Refugee Innovation

Technology that's changing the lives of people fleeing persecution.
Duncan Geere
1 min read

Getting Refugees Off the Ground–Literally

In refugee camps around the world, no matter the location or weather, there is always one constant–mud.
Duncan Geere
2 min read
A man stands looking into his smartphone in a dustry unpaved street.

Refugee Camps: Surprising Hotbeds of Innovation

Stories of innovation play a significant role in these camps, just as they do practically anywhere else.
Ken Banks
3 min read

How CrisisNET is Democratizing Crisis Data

It gives journalists, data scientists, developers, and more fast, easy access to critical government, business, humanitarian, and crowdsourced information.
Ken Banks
2 min read