Ken Banks

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Refugee Camps: Surprising Hotbeds of Innovation

Stories of innovation play a significant role in these camps, just as they do practically anywhere else.
3 min read

How a Shock Diagnosis Lead to a Genetic Discovery and the Awakening of an Innovator Within

When her child was diagnosed with a rare disease, Sharon Terry made is her mission to enable researchers find a cure.
4 min read

Tackling the Gender Imbalance in African Tech

Squashing the old mentality and enhancing gender equality in the industry.
2 min read

How CrisisNET is Democratizing Crisis Data

It gives journalists, data scientists, developers, and more fast, easy access to critical government, business, humanitarian, and crowdsourced information.
2 min read

Instructions Not Included: How Usability Made the User Guide Redundant

The death of the instruction manual has long been on the cards.
1 min read

Building BRCK: The Made-in-Africa Wireless Router

It's a "go anywhere, do anything, self-powered, mobile WiFi device."
4 min read

Going Viral: How the Humble Text Message is Fighting Ebola

Cell phones are the most effective way of spreading awareness information in affected regions.
0 2 min read