Anjali Ramachandran

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Talking Identity: A Conversation Between Our Editors

"Identity" is interpreted so differently depending on where you come from, who you are, what your background is, where you are in life at...
10 min read

Can Language Save Communities Under Threat From a Globalized World?

The map of the world has never remained static. Right now, there are secessionist movements from Scotland to Kurdistan, each with their own particular...
8 min read

Refugees Are Asked to “Integrate”–But Do Those Asking Know What That Means?

Refugees are asked to leave behind old cultural and social behaviors. At the same time, longtime residents of these countries may mistrust or even...
9 min read

In an Era of Changing Work, How Will Your Job Define Who You Are?

What will our working lives look like in the coming decades–and as work evolves, how will it affect our identities?
7 min read

Watch: How an ID System Can Make Your Life Harder

Many of the most interesting stories were from those who were overlooked by the system: individuals from minority groups whose needs were not considered...
1 min read

As We Build the Digital ID Systems of the Future, Where Does Privacy Fit In?

Few of the websites we give our information to are truly secure; as long as you use Google or Facebook, there's a limit to...
8 min read

What Is It Like to Live in the World’s Biggest Experiment in Biometric Identity?

Ideally, one simple system should grant everyone the rights and services that they're entitled to. But if you're locked out of that system, you...
9 min read

ID Systems: A Reading List

For The ID Question, we've curated a reading list on what identity systems look like around the world. It will give you a good...
5 min read

What is the ID Question?

Identity isn't a binary, though it's often discussed that way. You hear people singling out one interpretation and vociferously arguing for or against it–but...
1 min read

The ID Question

Who decides who you are? You, or the world around you?
1 min read