Ringtones and Playstations: The Tools of Grime’s Low-Fidelity All-Stars

How 21st-century London's homegrown music genre was shaped by the technology used to compose it.
Dan Hancox
4 min read

Strange Loops and Circuit Benders

A mysterious stranger in San Francisco's Union Square helps jumpstart a sonic revolution with a malfunctioning tape recorder.
Steven Johnson
14 min read

Space is the Place: A Crash Course in the Sounds of Afrofuturism

Where the social, political, and technological meet in music.
Florence Okoye
3 min read

The Future of Music Is Not Male

Women are demanding respect, autonomy, and credit in an industry that has long rebuffed them.
Laura Snapes
5 min read

High Score: How Video Game Music Became the Soundtrack of a Generation

Game music has quietly infiltrated mainstream culture while retaining its unique appeal.
Duncan Jefferies
6 min read

The Rise and Fall of Unusual Instruments

Why did some of the 20th century's most radically experimental instruments succeed–and others fail?
Ian Steadman
3 min read

Steven Johnson: In Conversation With Brian Eno

"Cheating is actually all I ever do."
Steven Johnson
9 min read

Musicians: The Robots Are Coming for Your Jobs

The question isn't whether robots can do what humans do–it's about what we value about creativity.
Duncan Geere
5 min read

Starting a Band in 2040

Forget jamming in a garage–when the next generation starts to make music, it'll enter an upside-down industry.
Andy Malt
8 min read

What Does Your Walk Sound Like?

If we can control music with location, why not with movement?
Nikita Taparia
2 min read