Creating Shared Spaces With Every Form of Language

The ABC sitcom Speechless serves as an important reminder of the vital ways in which disability invites us to reconsider how...
Rebecca Sanchez
4 min read

The Great Dying

How does a person live, during the great dying? Not exactly a framing that's going to make anyone feel more hopeful,...
Elizabeth Minkel
4 min read

How Everyday Language Harms People with Disabilities

Inaccurate words not only sow misunderstanding but also dehumanize, which is probably why they are used-consciously or not-in the first place.
Kenny Fries
4 min read

Apps Are Helping Keep Indigenous Languages Alive Online

Can smaller, culturally specific languages stay relevant in a modern age? Technology, in the form of language apps, may offer some...
Cal Flyn
4 min read

Can Language Save Communities Under Threat From a Globalized World?

The map of the world has never remained static. Right now, there are secessionist movements from Scotland to Kurdistan, each with...
Anjali Ramachandran
8 min read

Translating Identity Across the Language Barrier

Genderqueer vocabulary in English can be tricky enough–but talking across languages brings both freedoms and restrictions.
Hannah Harris Green
10 min read

Transmitting Languages into the Distant Future

From Ancient Egypt to Comet 67P, communicating with people far in the future is a challenge.
Mark Harris
5 min read