Elizabeth Minkel

9 Stories by Elizabeth Minkel

Millennials Are Right to Kill the American Car

If previous generations were given this many choices–and were faced with a driverless-car future in the coming decades–would cars, that romantic idea of hitting...
4 min read

The Great Dying

How does a person live, during the great dying? Not exactly a framing that's going to make anyone feel more hopeful, but maybe one...
4 min read

The Media Can’t Sell Climate Change

Readers are asking news outlets why they aren't hitting harder on climate change. But who are they hoping to convince?
4 min read

How We (Don’t) Talk About Climate Change

It's hard to spur people to climate change action when nothing dramatic is happening - but it's equally hard to do so during natural...
3 min read

Scientists Don’t Have a Monopoly On Objective Thinking

I wish that the STEM fields weren't so cloistered from the rest of the academy, and by extension, I wish STEM professionals didn't wind...
1 min read

Your Great-Grandson’s Genetic Privacy

You might not worry about your genetic information being exposed. But are you willing to make that choice for your descendants?
2 min read

Archiving the Infinite Stream

There is a sort of negligent impermanence to so much of what we put online. Quick hits, falling off the feed just as quickly....
2 min read

The Day After the Day After Tomorrow

Climate change is not a movie villain, and it's not something that's going to show up in a distant, hazy future we can't quite...
3 min read

The Real Villains of the Tech Industry

The "Who, us? We're just a tech company/public square/conduit for your conversations" line of deflection is echoed up and down the org charts of...
3 min read