Mark Harris

Mark Harris is an award-winning science and technology writer based in Seattle. He tweets from @meharris.

7 Stories by Mark Harris

How to Launch Your Own Space Program

How small cube satellites are offering even schoolkids the chance to explore beyond Earth.
0 2 min read

Transmitting Languages into the Distant Future

From Ancient Egypt to Comet 67P, communicating with people far in the future is a challenge.
0 5 min read

Building the Libraries of Tomorrow

With people increasingly reading on ever-more-mobile devices, libraries need a reboot to stay relevant.
2 min read

TV Shows Could Power the Internet of Things

Energy efficient chips can communicate with each other, powered only by ambient communication waves.
2 min read

Zero Food Miles at the MIT CityFARM

The next generation of truly green buildings should look–and taste–good enough to eat.
0 1 min read

Meet the Swimming Robots Measuring the Arctic

Autonomous underwater drones will measure melting ice for months at a time.
0 2 min read

The World’s Next Tallest Building–Made of Wood?

The tallest new wood building is the world is 10 stories tall–and the next ones could go even higher.
0 2 min read