Quality Over Quantity: Bioethics at the Vatican

Several hundred scientists, physicians, and policymakers gathered in Rome in April 2018 for the International Vatican Conference, to discuss ethics in...
Joanne Lee
3 min read

Your Great-Grandson’s Genetic Privacy

You might not worry about your genetic information being exposed. But are you willing to make that choice for your descendants?
Elizabeth Minkel
2 min read
Barbra Streisand holding, and surrounded by, multiple copies of the same dog.

Barbra Streisand’s Clone Dog Army

The new age of cloned pets potentially opens up a world of new animal welfare problems.
Ian Steadman
1 min read

Who Gets to Be Perfect?

Editing the human genome has huge potential for improving health–for those who can afford it
Corin Faife
10 min read

How a Shock Diagnosis Lead to a Genetic Discovery and the Awakening of an Innovator Within

When her child was diagnosed with a rare disease, Sharon Terry made is her mission to enable researchers find a cure.
Ken Banks
4 min read