Future Of Food

Harvesting Cities: Farms of the Future?

Turning cafes into farms could herald a greener, more sustainable food culture.
Steven Johnson
1 min read

The Secret to Health Isn’t the Food on Your Plate

The Mediterranean diet isn't healthy just because of the ingredients–just as important is its communal side.
Yiannis Baboulias
4 min read

Would You Eat a Cloned Cow?

I'm a clone, but they still freak me out
Matt Locke
3 min read

Why Did Hundreds of Arctic Explorers Disappear Without a Trace?

The Franklin Expedition's untimely demise may have been down to an unlikely suspect–tinned food
Richard Baguley
7 min read

Mapped: The Shifting Soils of 2100

Climate change will massively redistribute the world's farmland.
Duncan Geere
1 min read

What Will the First Immortals Eat?

The first humans who will live forever might already alive–but what will they have for lunch?
Duncan Geere
5 min read

The Future of Food: A Reading List

A crash course in how new innovations are changing everything from farming to cooking.
How We Get To Next
2 min read

Bacon, Eggs, and Other Food Scares We Got Wrong

History is littered with false food scares based on weak or conflicting evidence.
Duncan Geere
5 min read

Eating Insects Is Chic

Meet the chef at Britain's first full-time bug restaurant.
Laura Cress
2 min read