Amateur Rocketeers Are Keeping the Space Age Spirit Alive

Around the world, a community of amateurs is designing, building, and launching their own rockets into space.
Ian Steadman
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How to Launch Your Own Space Program

How small cube satellites are offering even schoolkids the chance to explore beyond Earth.
Mark Harris
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Teaching DIY Neuroscience Using 3D-Printed Tools

"Money should not be an insurmountable barrier to a curious mind."
Charles Q. Choi
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Could Painting Your Roof White Help Tackle Climate Change?

White roofs reflect 80 percent of sunshine, keeping urban areas cooler.
Ros Donald
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A doll that looks like The Black Eyed Peas holds up a photo of the real

10 More Reasons to Love 3D Printing

From memories to music, cars to kayaks.
Hugh Garry
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DIY Solar Panels Make More Than Energy

Community workshops put renewable energy in the hands of everyone.
Alice Bell
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The Global Network of DIY Tear Gas Masks

Activists across the world are using social media to share homebrew instructions for staying safe at protests.
Alice Bell
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A pair of hands repairing circuit boards with tools.

How a Broken Toaster Can Help Fix the World

Taking a visit to a "Restart" party, where dead electronics are given new life.
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