The Tacky Cities Of Tomorrow

If imagined cities are an easy shorthand for the world of tomorrow, then the ways we talk about the cities that...
Ian Steadman
4 min read

Architects of the Future

While some ideas toyed with the building blocks, others reflected a desire to fundamentally reshape urban life–and to solve some of...
Darren Garrett
9 min read

The World’s First “‘Marschitect’ Is Laying the Groundwork for Architecture in Space

With private companies setting their sights on other worlds, space architecture is a growing industry.
Vas Panagiotopoulos
3 min read

The City of the Future Looks Like a Former Military Bunker in Taipei

Treasure Hill could be a prototype for the future of sustainable urban living.
Duncan Geere
3 min read

How Cutting-Edge Materials Will Change the Look of the Cities of the Future

Smart glass, metal sponges, and more of the discoveries that will define where we live and work.
Rowena Fletcher-Wood
6 min read
A CGI render of the wooden skyscraper at street level.

The World’s Next Tallest Building–Made of Wood?

The tallest new wood building is the world is 10 stories tall–and the next ones could go even higher.
Mark Harris
2 min read