3D Printing

This 3D-Printed Bikini Cleans the Water as You Swim

The SpongeSuit combines tech, fashion, and environmental stewardship.
Duncan Geere
1 min read

3D Printing a Mini Vertical Farm in Kenya’s Nandi Hills

Turning drainpipes into agriculture.
Alice Bell
1 min read

$75 to Walk Again: Tackling Asia’s Prosthetics Crisis

Instead of getting inappropriate secondhand prosthetics from the West, this charity is making their own bespoke ones in Laos.
Lindsey Kennedy
2 min read

Teaching DIY Neuroscience Using 3D-Printed Tools

"Money should not be an insurmountable barrier to a curious mind."
Charles Q. Choi
3 min read

Cage-Free: Can 3D Printing Move Beyond Sexy Dresses?

Feminine bodies have long been used in the world of design and fashion to show off new innovations–can 3D printing break...
Scott Smith
2 min read

Is the Future of 3D Printing Recycled Plastic Bottles?

You can't make something from nothing.
Alexander Sehmer
2 min read
A doll that looks like The Black Eyed Peas Will.i.am holds up a photo of the real Will.i.am

10 More Reasons to Love 3D Printing

From memories to music, cars to kayaks.
Hugh Garry
1 min read

Could 3D-Printing Food in Space Make Mars Travel Possible?

If and when humans land on Mars, 3D-printing technology could help us create a home.
Stephanie M. McPherson
4 min read