Together In Public

Chasing Virality Brought Us Fake News, Now Everything’s on Fire

By uncritically embedding itself into social networks, did the media actually usher in the era of fake news?
Reni Eddo-Lodge
9 min read

The Schedule and the Stream

Despite the utopian promises of early pioneers, public spaces do not organically emerge from new technologies.
Matt Locke
9 min read

How the Art of Signaling Is Changing

Who needs eyes when you have an app?
Hannah Harris Green
9 min read

Street Protest Lessons from Argentina

After Trump's inauguration, the question is: Will the United States see an increase in authoritarianism against public protest, just like Argentina...
Martin Etchegaray
8 min read

Activism on the Subway Platform

Activists across the world are leveraging the power of public transit as a place of common reference for the people who...
Steven Higashide
8 min read

The Web Divided

Will machine translation ever bring us together?
Corin Faife
10 min read

Together in Public: A Reading List

How new technologies are changing how we interact with each other in physical and digital spaces.
How We Get To Next
5 min read

The Nearly-Webs

Five weird ways we've tried to connect.
Matt Locke
3 min read
A close-up of a smartphone, showing social media apps like Twitter and Facebook

Why an App Monitoring Your Distress on Twitter Does More Harm Than Good

A suicide prevention charity demonstrates that intent is not magic
Jakob Whitfield
2 min read