The Power Of Play

It’s Time For a New Kind of Power Fantasy

Games can–and must–offer different definitions of fantasy, including fantasies of safety and peace.
Leigh Alexander
6 min read

Games Can Help Us Understand Power

Blast Theory designs games that play with our moral boundaries.
Matt Locke
5 min read

Wargaming Needs New Recruits to Save Lives

Simulating combat through play has an important history–but its future in the era of computer simulations is uncertain.
Mark Wallace
8 min read

The Uneasy Blurring of Work & Play

Your time is their money–and you may feel that your moments are being sold too cheaply.
Tom Chatfield
6 min read

Was Gamification a Terrible Lie?

Turning work into play was sold as a miracle for increasing productivity–but was that ever really plausible?
Simon Parkin
9 min read

Games as a Path to Self-Care

Neuroscientific research has found that playing games can offer players therapeutic value.
Andrea Ayres
5 min read

Serious Games Finally Find Their Fun

Games often struggle to marry play with purpose–but a new wave of indie titles hits the sweet spot.
Duncan Jefferies
8 min read

The World Has a Playground Deficit

The benefits of play for children are immense–yet too many of the world's cities lack even basic infrastructure for it.
Christine Ro
6 min read

Games Are a Playground for Artificial Intelligence

Play is one of the primary ways humans learn new skills and abilities–and the same applies to AI.
Greg Noone
7 min read

The Power of Play: A Reading List

A crash course on how fun and leisure can change the world
How We Get To Next
5 min read